Monday, March 31, 2014

April Monthly Meal Planning #FreePrintable #Organization

I have been enjoying my monthly meal planning and all the time it saves me. Although I waited to the last minute this time around I did finally get it done (deep sigh of relief). I have the April monthly meal plan completed and ready and have included a free printable for your convenience. I complete a monthly meal plan for my family to save time, money, and stay organized and efficient. Planning this way keeps us from eating out and keeps our trips to the grocery store to a minimum.   

Monthly Meal Planning Monday #FreePrintable #AprilMealPlan #Organization #Planning

Monthly Meal Planning #FreePrintable #AprilMealPlan #Organization #Planning

Feel free to follow along with my monthly meal plan or alter it to meet your family’s needs. I have added some new recipes to the mix and they are delicious! Keep an eye out for more to come. I have been tinkering around with some new casserole dishes and hope to share them soon. If you are looking for links to the recipes I use in my monthly menu I have provided a majority of them below. Some of the recipes are ones that I am working on perfecting and as a result, they are not ones that I have shared yet {when the recipe has been perfected it will be shared on the blog}.

I put these monthly meal plans together to help me stay organized and efficient. I share them with you so that you can benefit from my hard work as well. I hope they help or provide some inspiration.


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