Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A car wash for a good behavior incentive?

My car tends to get really dirty in the winter. More dirty than any other time of the year.  With all of the slush and dirt and snow and salt being sprayed onto my car a car wash is a must for me during the winter. It just so happens that my children enjoy car washed too.

Apparently a car wash, or a chug wash as my son likes to call it, is a magical place where good little boys and girls go to get clean. My son specifically asked to go to the chug wash after nap if he was good. Who could say no to that?

So after a morning of preschool and playing we ate a quick lunch and took an even quicker nap. After nap time was over my little peanuts were ready to rock and roll. We bundled up, buckled up, and hit the road. Our first stop, the chug wash!

We pulled the car into the line, bought our wash, and waited our turn. Once our turn arrived we entered the wash and waited for the magic!

Mom: Look! No hands. How is this car moving if mommy isn’t driving it?
William: Magic! Ta Da!

Mom: What is happening to the car?
William: The machine is tickling it. Hahahahahaha It tickles!

Mom: What are all those colors on the car?
William: Chugger’s bubble bath. It tickles.
Steven: {No actual words said yet… but some very seriously funny noises}

Mom: Well… We are all done with the chug wash. Where should we go next?
William: Chug wash.

The car wash that we visit only costs $3 and offers free vacuuming on site. I do not go to any other car wash. You cannot beat the price or the convenience. For three dollars I can take my kids on a magic chug wash, listen to them giggle, and come out with a sparkling clean car. I never really thought of using a car {chug} wash as an incentive for good behavior… but I am definitely giving it some thought now.

What do you use for incentive in your home?

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