Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Blogtastic Extravaganza Sponsor Spotlight: Mother and bebe


The days are dwindling down rather quickly and A Blogtastic Extravaganza is getting closer and closer! Are you excited? I am! I have had such a great time putting together the Mom Mart “On the Go” prize package and could not be more thrilled with the final results! Today I am going to spotlight a fabulous sponsor: Mother and bebe.

I know I have spoken in the past about my love of Etsy shops and the creative influences behind the products. A great example of this creativity can be found in the Mother and bebe shop. These ladies make phenomenal baby carriers! But that isn’t all they make. They make fabric high chairs, burp cloths, pacifier pods, bandana bibs, and more!

Mother and bebe is a multi-cultural partnership that is working hard to bring you safe, reliable and innovative products for your children and families. Mother and bebe wholeheartedly believe in the value and importance of carrying your baby and wish to compliment your relationship with your baby by offering products that will empower you. They are well versed in baby wearing and locally offer a free class to people interested in baby wearing. If you don’t live in the Atlanta, GA area and are in need of instructional assistance, Mother and bebe has created explicit instructions as well as videos for the use of their carriers on their website.

Mother and bebe
Mother and bebe is Mom Mart Approved!
Mom Mart Approved

Mother and bebe has been kind enough to donate a 16” ANKA Full Buckle Baby Carrier to the Mom Mart “On the Go” prize package for A Blogtastic Extravaganza! You can view my review of this product HERE.

Anka Full Buckle Baby Carrier
Sleeping Hood - our carrier is complete with a sleeping hood for the comfort of your child.  The hood is featured in a sweatshirt style for comfort, ease of use and noise blocking benefits.  It can be neatly folded into the body creating a convenient pocket while at the same time hiding or tucking away the hood when not in use.  Should you choose to leave the hood untucked, it is designed with complimentary colors and patterns so it is still fashionable when not in use. 

Padding - our carrier includes padding in 3 different areas for your comfort as well as your child's.  The top straps feature just the right amount of foam padding to provide comfort on your shoulders.  The leg holes include enough foam to give comfort to your little one's legs while being worn.  And the waist line boasts tough yet soft and supportive padding for your waist yet still supports the weight of your child.

Storage Strap - most of our carriers come complete with a convenient elastic band to help store your mei tai once it is not in use.  Simply fold up your carrier and strap it shut with our storage band to keep loose ends tucked away when being stored in your car, closet or stroller.

Darted Seat - the featured darted seat helps your child settle into the carrier quickly and easily.  It offers comfort and correct positioning for your child as they are being worn.

On The Go Snaps - one of the best features of our product includes a few extra snaps around the waist and on the top straps.  This allows you to secure the long upper straps so they do not drag on the ground.  If you are out in public or have a hard to catch child, these convenient snaps help make your job much easier.

Security - the body of our carrier includes an extra layer of heavy weight canvas material inside.  The top straps are secured to this inner layer with 3 different reinforcement stitches and extra top stitching provides more security in our signature square design.  The bottom straps attach to the inner layer using a long seam across the top for extra security.

To learn more you can visit Mother and bebe and check them out on Facebook & Etsy!

Thank you Mother and bebe for being a Mom Mart sponsor for A Blogtastic Extravaganza!

You can win this and other items in the Mom Mart "On the Go" prize pack when you come back January 23rd through January 28th!

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