Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#WW Wordless Wednesday: Willow Tree

My Wordless Wednesday picture for today is a gift I received from my husband. If you have not heard of these little Willow Tree figurines, let me take a minute to introduce you.

Readers... Beautiful hand carved wooden figurines... Beautiful hand carved wooden figurines... My Readers.

I love these figurines because they are expressionless and could be anyone. Feelings are revealed through the gestures of the figurines as opposed to facial expressions. They evoke thoughtfulness and I think they are simply beautiful. My mother has gifted me the entire nativity scene and I thoroughly enjoy putting them out at Christmas and am sad when I have to pack them away and wait a whole year to take them out again.  I have a couple of the Willow Tree figurines on display in my home that were also gifts from family and I smile each and every time I look at them. The picture shown here is my latest acquisition.

I like to celebrate our anniversary by gifting traditional items in their corresponding order. For example, the one year wedding anniversary gift is paper, year two is cotton, year three is leather, year four is fruit or flowers, and year five is wood. My husband and I celebrated our fifth year wedding anniversary recently and this was his gift to me. He nailed it! Since we have two boys it is perfect.

How do you celebrate your anniversary?

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