Saturday, January 7, 2012

A new kitchen floor!

My New Wood Floors Have Arrived!

I am getting new flooring in my kitchen. The flooring that came with the house was a DIY job that did not meet with our seal of approval. We had a very nice man who cleans tile come to our home last summer and clean our grout, fix the spots where the grout had come up, and reseal the entire kitchen. This was a temporary solution. Soon after this patch job, the grout in the kitchen started coming up again.

The other day my nine month old baby was sitting on the kitchen floor playing with a toy when I looked over and saw him getting ready to stick a long piece of broken grout in his mouth! WHAT! Needless to say, until we get new flooring in our kitchen there will be no more floor time in the kitchen. Talk about scaring the bejesus out of me!
Well after much discussion with my husband we decided it was time for a new kitchen floor. We had several people come and give us an estimate both for hardwood and tile… We decided to go with the guy that did out original hardwood flooring in our living room and dining room. He is respectful, reasonably priced, and does a good job {I am the one who calls people and deals with contractors; if you are rude or talk down to me – you are not getting hired. Please do not think that my husband is the one making all of the decision, he isn’t.}
Needless to say, my flooring arrived on Friday and will be installed next week. I could not be more excited! I am very much looking forward to having this project completed and having a pretty new floor that is safe for my peanuts to play on. So is my toddler. He was very excited about the delivery of the flooring and felt the need to run over and touch each and every box as it arrived.

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