Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project 366: Day 18 of One Photo A Day

Nothing says scary like a two year old behind the wheel of a car… Any car!

Have you ever played those arcade driving video games?  I have. I think they can be incredibly hard to steer. In fact I am awful at it. I think it is 10 times harder to drive the video game cars than it is to drive an actual car… but that is just me. My son on the other hand loves to drive anything and everything. If there is a steering wheel he is on it!

My toddler waited patiently in line to play this game {I was very proud of his patience}. It is his first time behind the wheel, can you tell? He is concentrating incredibly hard on his steering, only his steering, and nothing but his steering. This might be because he cannot reach the pedals!

Project 366: Day 18 of One Photo A Day

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