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Mother and bebe Custom Anka Full Buckle Baby Carrier: Stylish and Unique!

Custom Anka Full Buckle Carrier

I am a huge fan of handmade products. I feel that handmade products are one-of-a-kind special items that are made with love. The artists who create these objects are able to design and create their own masterpieces and sell them as they see fit on this fabulous little website called Etsy. I am an Etsy fanatic.

Etsy is my one stop shop for all things handmade, adorable, and fashionable for me and my peanuts! It is no great surprise then that I happened upon a wonderful Etsy shop called Mother and bebe.

Mother and bebe is a fabulous shop on Etsy that creates a variety of baby related items. This shop caught my attention with their amazing looking baby carriers. They offer a wide selection of carrier types (Mei Tais baby carriers, Half Buckle baby carriers, SSC (soft structured baby carriers), & Ring Slings) and can create custom carriers with the fabric of your choice! This customization is what truly drew me to Mother and bebe. I like having options, and being able to choose the fabric and design of my baby carrier was the icing on my baby carrier cake!

If you have not guessed it yet, I am a bit obsessed with baby gear. I love baby wearing and I love baby carriers! More specifically I love baby carriers that are stylish, ergonomically supportive, easy to use, and affordable! Mother and bebe’s Anka full buckle baby carrier not only meets these criteria, they exceed them! 
Mother and bebe

The Mother and bebe Custom Anka Full Buckle Baby Carrier is Mom Mart Approved!
Mom Mart Approved

What we love about the Custom Anka Full Buckle Baby Carrier:

·      You can order the Anka Full Buckle Baby Carrier in one of the many every changing fabric choices being featured on the Mother and bebe shop site, or you can send them 1 yard of 100% cotton fabric and have them create a custom carrier. I went with the custom carrier route and could not be happier. I get complimented on my unique carrier every time I wear it!

·      The fabric is 100% cotton, super soft, and breathable.

·      My favorite feature of the Anka carrier is the sleeping hood. The sleeping hood is sewn in a sweatshirt style (think hoodie). It can be folded into the body of the Anka carrier when not in use, although I like the convenience of having it right there on hand when I need it (I also think it looks adorable).

·      There are quick snaps on the arm straps of the Anka carrier making the sleeping hood easy to secure when in use. This is fabulous for those little peanuts that tend to squirm around!

·      I wore this carrier for hours without incident. My old carrier would hurt my back after about a half hour, but the Anka carrier has enough padding and support that I can wear it for extended periods of time without breaking my back. HUGE! This is a big deal for me because I like to baby wear for extended periods of time (trips to the zoo, trips to museums, trips to the mall). 

·      One amazing thing about Mother and bebe is the fact that they are experienced baby wearers themselves and locally offer a free class to people interested in baby wearing. If you don’t live in the Atlanta, GA area and are in need of instructional assistance, Mother and bebe has created explicit instructions as well as videos for the use of their carriers on their website.

Mother and bebe Anka Full Buckle Carrier

I love my Custom Anka Full Buckle Baby Carrier! It is beautifully hand crafted, fully functional, easy to use, and comfortable to wear. I am in awe of these women and their craftiness. I think that these would make great custom gifts for a mother or father to be. I am tempted to send them some NFL football fabric and have them create a carrier for my husband!

To learn more you can visit Mother and bebe on Facebook & Etsy.

Want a unique one of a kind carrier of your own?

Buy It:
The Custom Anka Full Buckle Baby Carrier retails for $115.00. You can purchase this product online HERE.

Win It:
Mother and bebe is one of Mom Mart’s sponsors for A Blogtastic Extravaganza in January. Come back January 23-28 for your chance to win an Anka Full Buckle Carrier of your own!

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