Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oral-B Winnie the Pooh MommyParties: Good Clean FUN!


I was incredibly excited to find out that I was going to host an Oral-B Stages MommyParty. When my Oral-B Stages party kit arrived I opened it immediately and gave a little whoop of delight.
Inside my kit was Oral-B Stages toothpaste, Oral-B Stages I and II brushes, Disney hair and body wash, Disney’s Winnie the Pooh DVD, gift bags, popcorn boxes, popcorn, balloons, napkins, and cups.   It was literally a party in a box!
Since I am all about organizing I jumped right into my party planning by creating a Facebook event. I got click crazy with my invite list. But my philosophy in life is the more the merrier. With my party taking place smack dab in the middle of the holiday season I figured that not everyone was going to be able to make. Surprisingly, I had an amazing turnout.
I created a mini movie theater in my family room. There was not a seat left open on my sectional sofa and the floor was pretty well taken up too! There was a concession stand open for business with Winnie the Pooh Popcorn, Hundred Acre Trail Mix, Piglet Pinwheels, and Tigger’s Jumping Juice. 
We settled in to watch Winnie the Pooh with excitement and snacks galore. The movie was engaging and highly entertaining. We giggled, we chuckled, and we outright laughed throughout this film.  The kids gave this movie two big thumbs up.  Needless to say we will be watching this movie again… and again.
After the film the lights were turned on and the toys were taken out. There was a fun game of keep the Oral-B balloon off the ground as well as a riveting construction of Oral-B toothbrushes into a train. I shared information about Oral-B with the moms and introduced them to the products in their guest gift bags. The gift bags were a hit. Moms and kids were excited about taking home a present from the party play-date. All in all the Oral-B Mommy Party was a success!

I am a big fan of Oral-B dental products. Their toothbrushes are fabulous. The bristles are baby soft and the head of the brush is padded to protect little gums. The handle is textured so that it won’t slip and the characters displayed on the brush are adorable. My kiddos love them and I love clean teeth!
I had such a great time hosting MommyParties sponsored by Oral-B Stages I and II Winnie the Pooh movie party! I love planning, I love parties, and I love movies; what more could you ask for? There is no better sound in life than that of children at play. With that said; thank you MommyParties for the opportunity to participate in this campaign, thank you Oral-B for sponsoring this party, and thank you all of my mommy friends for coming to my mom party.

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