Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Every year {the past three years} I host Christmas Eve at my home. My in-laws come over and we have dinner, we open gifts, we attend a Christmas Eve service at our church, and then we play games and visit after the children go to bed.

This year there are two new additions to the family {baby Abby and baby Steven} and the Christmas Eve service starts too late for the little ones. So our Christmas Eve tradition is changing this year L and I am very sad about this. It just won’t feel the same to me, but I guess that life is all about change and adaptation to new situations. Nothing ever stays the same. So I will go with the flow this year and see how things turn out…

In addition to changing our Christmas Eve tradition we are also changing our Christmas Day tradition of visiting my family as well. Now that we have two children and one of them is old enough to appreciate Christmas we have decided to stay home for Christmas Day and let the kids enjoy their gifts. Instead of spending the day on the road traveling we will be at home watching Christmas movies, playing with the kids, and eating Christmas Eve leftovers {I am NOT making two huge extravagant meals}.

Here is my question for all you people who stay home for Christmas: What are your Christmas Day traditions?

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