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Product Review of the líllébaby Nordic Carrier: Smart and supportive baby wearing!

Nordic Carrier

I love baby wearing. Although when I started baby wearing it was just considered carrying your child. The term baby wearing has really taken off in the last couple of years and become a social phenomenon of its own.

What is baby wearing? Baby wearing is the application of wearing or carrying a baby or a child in a baby carrier. It is a form of baby transportation. Instead of putting your child in a stroller or an infant car seat carrier; you transport your child around in a carrier that you wear.

There are many different types of carriers and I have had the opportunity to try several different carriers in my baby wearing journey. There are mei tais, pouch slings, ring slings, structured carriers, and wraps just to name a few. These are types of carriers, not brands.

One of my favorite types of carriers to use is the soft structured baby carrier, otherwise known as the buckle carrier. I like this style because it is adjustable, ergonomically supportive, and easy to use. I was recently given the opportunity to test out the new Nordic baby carrier by líllébaby and I have to say I am smitten.

The Nordic carrier is extremely comfortable for both me and for my baby. The material is soft durable. It is extremely supportive; it relieves the pressure from my lover back by distributing the weight of my baby evenly. I can wear it for hours!

The líllébaby Nordic Carrier is Mom Mart Approved!
Mom Mart Approved

What we love about líllébaby and the Nordic Carrier:
·    As many of you know I love having options and this carrier comes loaded with them. There are six different ways in which to wear your child. I am partial to the front face in support seat position as well as the back position. But I have loved testing out all of the options.
·    The fabric is 100% cotton and machine washable which is huge for when we have spit up issues or a leaky diaper!
·    It has a built in neck support option for younger children. You can snap it into place when needed or snap it down when it is not. Although my little guy is crawling now and doesn’t need the neck support it is nice to have the option (we use this feature when he ends up falling asleep while we are out).
·    This carrier can be used with either a narrow or a wide seating option. Changing the seat is quick and easy.
·    This may seem silly, but one of my favorite features of the Nordic Carrier was the elastic band attached to the end of the straps that allowed the excess fabric to be bundled together. This feature meant that I was not walking around with excess fabric trailing behind me, I was not getting tangles up in strings, and my baby was not pulling the carrier tighter at every available opportunity. There is also an elastic safety band directly below the buckle that is an added safety feature on this carrier. Love it!
·    One great thing about líllébaby and the Nordic Carrier is that there is a wealth of information for this carrier located on the líllébaby website. There are user instructions by age, with picture demonstrations, and videos demonstrations as well.

baby wearing

Before I received this baby carrier for review I was using the baby carrier that I bought for myself after I gave birth to my oldest child. He turns three in February, so it is not a super old carrier. I am just amazed at how far carriers have come in just three short years! My old carrier would start to hurt my back within an hour of baby wearing. I can wear my baby around the house for hours without any stress or strain in the Nordic. The líllébaby Nordic carrier is fabulous. It is inexpensive, sturdy, and supportive. What more could you ask for?

To learn more you can visit líllébaby and check them out on Facebook & YouTube. The líllébaby  YouTube channel is for their EveryWear Carrier, another noteworthy carrier under the líllébaby brand.

Buy It:
The líllébaby Nordic Carrier retails for $80.00. You can purchase this product online HERE.

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