Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Hello December!

It is December 1st and I have already gotten to open up a couple Christmas presents. My mother sent me home from Thanksgiving with three presents to be opened on December 1st. So this morning I came down the stairs and ripped into those packages.

Inside my Christmas gifts were a Christmas countdown reindeer that my little boys will thoroughly enjoy and additional figurines for my nativity set. Needless to say, my home is in full blown holiday cheer. The holiday décor is up and I could not be filled with more excitement for the season (Thanks Mom!).

Since it is now December most people have their Christmas trees up, their Christmas lights strung, and their wreaths displayed prominently on their front doors. I like to spend the weekend after Thanksgiving changing out my holiday décor. My Christmas tree is up, my Christmas lights are strung, and my wreaths are displayed throughout the house… Yes I have more than one wreath. But my absolute favorite part of preparing for Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree.

Since my son will be turning three this February, he is at the age where he gets Christmas. My son could not be more excited for Christmas this year, which only makes it that much more fun for mommy and daddy! William and I put all of the Christmas ornaments on the Christmas tree. We played with them, plugged them in, hung them up, and talked about what everything was. He put his favorite ones where he would be able to reach them. And boy of boy does he have favorites.

My son’s favorite Christmas ornament is none other than the Darth Vader ornament that was my husbands from when he was a child. I must admit, this is also my favorite ornament as well. What can I say… we are a little nerdy! The Darth Vader ornament is not like those other ornaments; this ornament plugs into the Christmas lights. The Darth Vader Christmas ornament lights up and when you press a button on the base of the ornament Darth Vader talks! Best ornament ever!!!

We now have a December morning routine in our house. My husband wakes up with the kids in the morning and they look for Charlie (our Elf on a shelf- to be discussed later), the kiddos wake up mommy and we change the number on the Christmas countdown (yes… pre-coffee), then we go and make the Christmas tree talk. Everyone gets a turn to press the button on the Darth Vader ornament. After this routine we are all smiling and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at us.

I cannot think of a more entertaining way to start my day! What is your favorite Christmas ornament?

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