Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: All Aboard the Choo Choo Train!

Another Wordless Wednesday
Another Wednesday full of words!

Choo Choo Trains

I know that I have posted about a million times about my toddler and his love of trains, but now the baby of the house is getting into the train scene too! My little men cannot seem to get enough of trains. They love to build tracks, destroy tracks, play with the trains on the tracks, rescue the trains from the dinosaurs threatening to destroy the track, and munch on the trains.

So far William is playing very nicely with Steven. Part of the success of this friendly play is because we have house rules about appropriate places to play. If you have something on the ground it is okay for Steven to play with it. If you have it on the table it is off limits for Steven. I have a feeling that now that Steven is starting to pull himself up the same house rules that have kept the peace will be null and void!

Steven started crawling at six months old. Now he is almost eight months and he is pulling himself up to a standing position and starting to take tentative steps towards objects. In these photographs you can see that my little baby boy has pulled himself up on the train table to play with his brothers trains and tracks!

Yikes! I guess I better start brainstorming on how to keep the peace now that both of my boys are mobile!

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