Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Hilarious Ode to Moms: Mom Quotes, Mom Comics, and Vintage Mom Art!

In case you missed the memo, I like to find humor in everything. I can be very sarcastic… a fabulous trait that I have always had, but mastered once I married my extremely sarcastic husband who speaks sarcasm fluently.
This is my ode to motherhood; the good the bad, and the stinky.
I love being a mom. I love everything about it, even the dirty diapers and the spilled milk.
As much as I find humor in the spice of life; I can also appreciate the sugar.
I have put together for you some sugar and spice, but everything is nice (or at least funny).
How come mothers only have two hands?
Mother's even when their wrong, their right
 I prefer to describe myself...
I love cleaning up messes I didn't make...
I've still got on my raising kids head
 Then I want to move in with them
Behind every good kid...
One good mother...
good moms have sticky floors
You must be confusing me with the maid we don't have
Supermoms everywhere
Their like dads only smarter

I child proofed my house...
Not all superheroes wear capes

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