Friday, November 18, 2011

Avoiding cabin fever one Pinterest at a time!

With the weather cooling off, outdoor play is now at an all time low at my house. Last week alone we had three days of rain and even a little snow! Crazy right?!? I am not ready for snow yet. I am definitely not ready to spend a winter cooped up in the house with the boys running circles around me.
I am in desperate need of more fun family friendly activities that I can do with the kids indoors. I have a short list of arts and crafts that I want to do with the kids, but it is a very short list. I think that my list is so incredibly short because my children are so young. It is either that or my brain has decided to take a vacation from being crafty. I am so not ready for winter!
To keep the level of insanity down to a minimum, I rotate out toys. Yes, I have enough toys that I can rotate them out. Although I think can is putting it nicely. I have to rotate out my children’s toys because there is not room for it all to be taken out and played with all at the same time. My basement resembles a daycare. I am okay with this because the whole point of us finishing our basement was to have a place for all of the kid’s toys. It is their space, I just live in it. I need to stop buying every single cool looking toy that I find.

Needless to say, rotating out the toys is only going to go so far. I am going to need something more to keep from catching cabin fever. My boys are going to need something more to keep from climbing the walls! We are going to need more arts and crafts in order to stay sane!

Where do you look for inspiration? My latest obsession has become Pinterest. I love to go on there and pin, re-pin, and like posts and pics.

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