Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Food For Thought: Inspirational Quotes

With Thanksgiving right around the corner (2 DAYS!) I thought that instead of sharing food recipes with you I would share food for thought. This week I was able to spend a little time StumblingUpon and Pinterest-ing on the internet and I happened upon some great inspirational quotes and images that I thought I would share with you.

What do I mean when I say food for thought? Food for thought is anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking. It is essentially anything that makes you stop and think; anything that inspires. For the purposes of today my food for thought is found in the power of words.
Some of these are quotes that I absolutely adore by inspirational people such as Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss; while others are happenstance and found inspiration.
While these words are sometimes simple and other times complex, their meaning nonetheless rings true. I hope you will take a minute to stop, read, and think.


Dr.Seuss Direction you choose quote
Beauty of your dreams

Laughter is Timeless Dr.Seuss Quote
One Negative Comment quote

We Don't look Back Walt Disney Quote
What life is all about quote
Changing Us quote
Done Something for someone who can never repay you quote
A person is a person Dr.Seuss Quote
Why are you so wierd quote
Need to learn in life quote

All your Dreams come trues Walt Disney Quote

Not willing to look stupid quote

Thankful People quote

Don't Cry Because It's Over Dr.Seuss Quote
Harry Potter Quote

Where the magic happens quote

Mother Teresa Quote
Happy as they make up their minds to be quote

Albert Einstien Quote

The more you like yourself Walt Disney Quote

Do the Impossible Quote

Happiness Harry Potter Quote

Everything is going to be all right quote

The more that you read Dr.Seuss Quote
This Thanksgiving I am going to be thankful for all of lifes blessings, big and small. I am going to be thankful for the path that God has chosen for me to walk and the people He has put in my life.
Thank you Mom and Dad for instilling a love of literature in me and for teaching me that life is all about learning and growing!
Do you have a favorite quote; a saying that inspires you? Feel free to comment on which quote you liked best or add one of your own.

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