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Want to Breastfeed: Explore the Medela Freestyle!

Medela Freestyle
I love being able to breastfeed my children. I know that not every mother is able to breastfeed, but I thank my lucky stars that this is something that I am able to do. I not only save a huge amount of money from not having to purchase formula, but I have an amazing bond with my children.  

I have breastfed both of my children since the day I delivered them. For baby boy number one I lasted six months. Right now I am on baby number two and we are seven months in and going strong. I attribute this longevity to having a great breast pump. It is not always easy or comfortable to pump on the go, but Medela has made a simple solution with the Medela Freestyle. Pumping when out and about is easier than ever with a rechargeable battery and hands free set included in the purchase of this breast pump.

When I was given the opportunity to review the Medela Freestyle, I was ecstatic! I have secretly coveted the Medela breast pump from afar.  Oops, I guess the secret is out! This breast pump is top of the line with all the bells and whistles you could ask for. As a stay at home mother I decided that I did not need all the bells and whistles when I had my first child. So instead I drooled over this breast pump at a distance. Big Mistake!Even as a stay at home mom there are times when I am out running errands or visiting family and friends  or even going on a date night with my husband and I am unable to breastfeed my son. Having a portable breast pump that is easy to use and easy to transport is a must!

I am not a huge fan of manual breast pumps. The ones that I have tried are poorly constructed and uncomfortable. When I am pumping on the go I want something that is going to work just as well on the road as it does in the comfort of my home. Although I was initially skeptical of the PersonalFit breastshields, I was made into a believer. The Medela Freestyle is a phenomenal breast pump.  
The Medela Freestyle is Mom Mart Approved!
Mom Mart Approved

What we love about the Medela Freestyle:

·    The 2-Phase Expression® technology is amazing and gets more bang for my buck… so to speak. The breast pump starts off light and fast to stimulate “let down” and then transitions to a slower speed with a stronger suction to bring out more milk faster. This cuts my time pumping in half!

·    This pump is extremely portable; it even comes with a carrying case! The pump itself weights less than a pound and can either be plugged into an outlet or used with the enclosed rechargeable battery. The batter can last up to three hours in a single charge and can be recharged at your convenience.

·    This pump is hands free right out of the case. I took the pump out of the box and attached the hands free set without difficulty and pumped hands free for the very first time. Everything you need to pump hands free comes with this device, including adapters for different bra strap types!

·    I can adjust the speed and suction of this breast pump with ease. There are nine levels available, each with different levels of suction. This makes pumping that much easier. There is even a memory button and quick one tough let-down button; enabling the user to record a pumping session and return to a favored pumping pattern.

·    This breast pump comes with two different sizes of PersonalFit breastshields. Contrary to popular belief, all women are not the same. A breastshield, like a bra, should be a perfect fit. Medela provides two different size breastshields with the Medela Freestyle.

·    You can pump directly into the storage container without losing a single drop. Medela has even provided four 5 oz. BPA-free breast milk bottles with lids as well as one wide base nipple.

·    This package comes with everything you need to get started breastfeeding on the go! With the pump, the breastshields, the hands free kit, the rechargeable battery, the four bottles with lids, the cooler, the ice pack, and the carrying tote you are ready to pump wherever you go.

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump
I love this breast pump! It is lightweight, portable, and technologically savvy. I am in awe of the hands free kit and how easy it is to use. I adore the little black tote that comes with this pump and cannot wait for my next mom’s night out to use it again. I am a huge fan of this breast pump and would highly recommend it for ALL breastfeeding moms.

As an added side note, Medela is currently hosting its third annual Human Milk Collection Campaign. In honor of National Prematurity Awareness Month, Medela will be hosting a virtual Human Milk (breast milk) Collection Campaign. Medela will be donating $30,000 worth of breastfeeding support products to neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) across the country in order to help moms provide their premature babies with all the benefits of breast milk. Throughout the month of November, you can vote for your preferred NICU at www.medelapreemieawareness.com. Six NICUs will receive at least $5,000 worth of Medela products or education services for their facilities to help enable moms to provide the life-saving benefits of breast milk to their babies.

To learn more you can visit Medela and check them out on Facebook & Twitter.

Buy It: 
The Medela Freestyle retails for $379.99. You can purchase this product online HERE.

* All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this post.*
I was given a Medela Freestyle for the purposes of this review.

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