Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#WW Another Wordless Wednesday: Peter Pan!

Happy Halloween
Once again my wordless Wednesday will contain a few words.

I absolutely adore the whimsical feeling that Halloween evokes. I have so much fun dressing up as someone else and being completely silly. I love being creative with my families Halloween costumes and I love seeing how other people get creative with theirs.

One of my favorite aspects of Halloween is the making of the costumes. I like to create homemade Halloween costumes. My mother made all of my Halloween costumes growing up and I loved each and every one of them. I have no idea how she did it with five children, but each Halloween all five of us kids had our own home made Halloween costume. I appreciate all of the hard work and thoughtfulness that went into my costumes even more now that I make my own!

So in keeping with tradition, I make my family their Halloween costumes. Everyone but the baby; I do not think that I have the sewing skills to create an itty bitty Halloween costume for my little baby boy. So his was store bought.

I also make the adults dress up for Halloween as well. I pick a movie theme and everyone dresses up as a character from that movie. I think this is especially fun the more people there are involved. This Halloween our theme was Peter Pan. I was Princess Tiger Lily, my husband was Captain Hook, William was Peter Pan, Steven was the crocodile, SIL Wendy was Wendy, BIL Shawn was a pirate, and their little girl Abby was Tinkerbelle.

We had a blast trick-or-treating! We had even more fun handing out candy and seeing everyone else’s costumes… well everyone but those scary gorillas that came to the door! Poor William had the bejeesus scared out of him. All in all Halloween was a success this year. How was yours?

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