Friday, November 18, 2011

2 Broke Girls for Favorite New TV Comedy!

Once I tuck my children into bed for the night, it is time to kick back and relax with my hubby. I try to get all of my housework done throughout the day so that when the kids are asleep I don’t have anything to do on my to-do list. I like to turn on my television and simply relax… and laugh.

My favorite type of television show to watch is a comedy. I love to laugh. I consider laughter the best form of exercise. It not only burns calories, it also burns up bad moods. No matter what my state of mind, once I start laughing I instantly feel better.  And nothing makes me laugh harder than a seriously funny show.
After spending all day talking to a toddler and a baby I need a little grown up humor in my life. Don’t get me wrong, the stuff my toddler is saying these days is quite funny. It is just, teeny tiny toddler humor. I need a little bit of sarcasm and some witty banter every once in a while.

There is a new show in town and I cannot get enough of it! I am totally addicted to the new WBTV show 2 Broke Girls. I spent the entire pilot episode in tears, I was laughing so hard.

2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is a brand new comedy about two girls from different walks of life working and living together. The two main characters, Caroline and Max, are penniless waitresses trying to save up enough money to start up a cupcake business. This is a modern day Laverne and Shirley full of hilarious twists and turns. The commentary is delightful and the delivery is dead on. Both of the main characters are likeable and the storyline is fresh and entertaining every week. I am totally hooked!

2 Broke Girls

With the 2012 People's Choice Awards coming up I know what show I am going to be voting for! 2 Broke Girls is definitely my favorite new TV comedy. This show deserved to win because it is a laugh out loud funny show every single week. It is refreshingly unencumbered.

My family loves awards. There is even a small group of us that get online and vote for who we think should win. We even fill out a ballet for who we think will win. We like to compare notes on who we plan on voting for and argue for our personal favorites. We definitely like to have a voice in who we think should win, and to voice our opinion about the final results after. Do you have a favorite show that you HAVE to watch each week?

The People’s Choice Awards 2012 is coming up and you too can Voice your Choice!
Who are you going to vote for?

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote WBTV shows nominated in the People's Choice Awards.

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