Friday, December 2, 2011


So there is a new kid in town in the wide world of social media. Google+ has joined the social media networking race and they are demanding to be recognized.

In case you are unaware many Blogs, such as my own, have a button on their pages called Google Friend Connect. Google Friend Connect (GFC) is a way for bloggers to tally their “followers” and get a general idea of the amount of people who like their blogs. Bloggers work incredibly hard to get this number to grow. It is pretty common for a blog with a lot of “followers” to have higher end product reviews and giveaways. Blogs with a lot of followers are usually given more opportunities. The dream of most bloggers is to be big. Now that Google+ has come along, Google is doing away with GFC for Bloggers who do not use the Blogger platform.

Harsh, but true. It seems that Google wants to move away from the GFC platform and get more interactive with their new Google+ system. After spending some time on Google+ I can definitely see some positives to making the leap. It is streamlined and categorized to your specification. In my opinion it is a cross between Facebook and Pinterest.

You can categories the people and pages you follow in any way you want. You can chat with friends and get updates of your choosing. There are still some frustrating aspects for me, such as moving people and pages around in my “Circles”. Apparently dragging people from one group to another is not simple. I also find it frustrating that I cannot stream my RSS feed through Goggle+ automatically. It is a work in progress.

Since Mom Mart is a Blogger blog I will be unaffected by this transition, or so I am told. I personally don’t believe it. If Google is making such a big push from GFC to Google+ I believe that it is only a matter of time until they do away with GFC for everyone.

Without further ado I am sharing with you my new Google+ page. I hope that you will come “Follow” Mom Mart on Google+!

Check it out, let me know what you think. I will keep you updated as I learn more and discover more about Google+.

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