Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A day at the dentist

My son has been going to the dentist since he turned three years old. We started off with him accompanying mom and dad for their cleanings {hanging out in the waiting room} and then worked our way up to him watching us in the chair. He had a very smooth transition from simply watching, to being the one that is examined and cleaned. Now he insists on going first when we have our dental appointments!

A trip to the dentist

This kid has no fear. He hopped right up in the chair and opened his mouth ready to rock and roll. He listened and followed directions so well that as a reward for his phenomenal behavior at the dentist I took him out for hot cocoa once we were done.

I mean really - look how happy he is to be getting his teeth cleaned!

Do your kids go to the dentist? How do they handle it?

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