Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Easy Rainbow Cupcakes!

My little boy turned 4 this past week and to celebrate he wanted to make rainbow cupcakes with sprinkles. Over the past few years we have done big birthday parties with themes and gift bags and cakes and all the bells and whistles. This year we went low key with just a family only party that included his favorite foods and his favorite place to go {Odyssey Fun World}.

To prepare for the big day my son and I got to work baking is special dessert in the kitchen. He wanted a rainbow and a rainbow is exactly what he was going to get. We had so much fun making these cupcakes. I think the process was just as enjoyable as the results.

Rainbow Cupcakes

What you need:
Box of white cake mix
Food coloring

How to make Rainbow Cupcakes:
1.    Mix up a box of cake mix.
2.    Divide the mix into six bowls.  Add 1/2 a cup of batter to each bowl and then divvy up the rest a spoonful at a time.
3.    Use food coloring to make red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. 
4.    Use a small spoon to drop a dollop of purple in the bottom of each cup. Repeat with blue and then go through all the colors one at a time until you have used all of the six colors.
5.    Bake following the cake mix directions.
6.    Remove from oven and let cool completely before frosting.
7.    Once frosted, top with sprinkles of choice!

How to make Rainbow Cupcakes

Make Rainbow Cupcakes
Voila! You now have super easy rainbow cupcakes. I am sure you could easily adapt this to a homemade cake recipe; we chose not to go that route.

My mother always let us kids choose what we wanted for our birthday dessert and each of my siblings and I always picked something aside from cake. I hope to carry on this tradition of special birthday desserts with my children, especially since I am not a big fan of standard cake to begin with – I was always a big strawberry shortcake/ cheesecake kind of person.

BIRTHDAY Rainbow Cupcake

What is your favorite dessert?

This recipe is linked up at Delicious Dish Tuesday

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