Friday, February 8, 2013

Kid Craft: Coffee Filter Window Art

This week’s kid craft is all about letting the light shine through. The kids and I were looking for a fun way to really show some seasonal spirit and bring some color into the house. After raiding my cabinets I discovered that (1) I needed to go shopping for more tissue paper and (2) I had a lot of coffee filters on hand. So shock among shocks… we used coffee filters for this project.

This craft can get a little messy, which we are okay with because I am a firm believer that children should be able to get messy and have fun when it comes to art projects (that have parental supervision- because crayons on my walls do not make for a happy mommy). We painted the coffee filters, let them dry, cut some of them into fun shapes, and attached them to the windows.

The finished product consists of bright and cheerful pieces of my children’s handiwork that I love to look at, and I hope my neighbors are enjoying them too. I was a little worried about the artwork bleeding onto my nice new curtains, so we placed them on windows that did not have curtains that could be damaged –I would much rather be safe than sorry. This was a fun indoor activity that we will definitely do again. I foresee this being the perfect way to get some cheap and easy holiday décor in my home.

What you need:
Tempura Paint
Coffee Filters
Washable Glue

How to do it:
Take the washable tempura paint and dilute it with some water until it is a watery consistency.
Apply the watered down paint to the coffee filter with a paintbrush.
Set the painted coffee filter aside to dry.
Once the coffee filter is dry you can either cut it into fun shapes or leave it in the original shape. Next take the washable glue and apply it to the window where you want the coffee filter artwork to be applied. Once the glue has been applied you can attach the colored coffee filter by gently pressing it into the glue.

To remove the coffee filter artwork use soap and warm water.

The cleanup was really easy and the artwork came off without problem (I was a little worried). My rule of thumb when it comes to art supplies is as long as it is washable we will give it a try. Completing this activity was just as easy as any other painting activity we have done previously. The kids really liked letting their imaginations run wild and I had fun seeing what they came up with.

Just out of curiosity, are there any art supplies that are on your no-no list?

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