Monday, February 25, 2013

The Sophia Bag by timi & leslie: a fabulous diaper bag!

The more children I have the more diaper bags I seem to collect and the cuter they seem to get! When I got my first diaper bag I went for something gender neutral that my husband could carry around and not cringe or gripe about. The next diaper bag I went for was something with a little more color, but still a pretty masculine bag. A couple diaper bags later and I finally have picked out something for myself.

Seems a little silly right? I am getting ready to have my third baby and am just now making baby related purchases for ME. After all, I am the one who totes around the diaper bag morning, noon, and night.  I am the one pushing the stroller and taking the kids shopping throughout the day; running from point A to point B. Shouldn’t I get to properly accessorize to suit my style? I am going to say yes!

The Sophia Bag by Timi & Leslie

I am a huge fan of bigger bags. Both my diaper bags and my purses are on the bigger side and I adore being able to organize and take EVERYTHING I could possibly need with me. They key to that phrase is that it is all organized. A simple big bag will not due. I prefer bags that allow me to be at most organized and efficient. 

The Sophia Bag by timi & leslie is

Mom Mart Approved!

What we love about The Sophia Bag:
  • The timi & leslie Sophia bag is first and foremost an attractive looking bag. I love the color, which although stated as yellow can change from a yellow color to a green color depending on your surroundings and lighting. I actually think it comes across green more often than yellow, but no matter the shade it is always eye-catching and appealing.
  • The Sophia Bag helps to keep me organized and incredibly efficient while out and about. The Sophia Bag is divided into three compartments; so there is a compartment for me, a compartment for the boys, and a compartment for the new baby {once she arrives}. Each compartment also has little sections that help to further keep me orderly while on the go.
  •  It comes with so many extra.  I don’t think that I was prepared for all of the extras you get when you receive this bag. There is a changing pad with mesh pocket, a zippered sac for dirty clothing, a matching clutch for mom, an attachable cross body strap, attachable stroller straps, and an insulated bottle tote.  Now that I have them and have used them I cannot imagine going back to not having all of the extras. They are fabulous.
  • The bag itself is faux leather and can be easily wiped clean – This is wonderful since I have little boys who like to get into everything and tend to make quite a mess.
The Sophia Bag Timi & Leslie

The Sophia Bag Timi&Leslie

This is my go-to diaper bag. When taking my children to my mother-in-laws house for a visit I leave the Sophia Bag with her and just pop out my clutch and head out the door. She has everything she could possibly need for an afternoon with the boys and I have my essentials for a little mommy shopping time! When I go shopping with the boys the bag easily fits in my favorite strollers basket… or in case I need that space for shopping bags it can clip onto the stroller handle. It is the perfect bag for me and my family.

The Sophia Bag’s Dimensions:

size: 17 inches x 6.5 inches x 11 inches.

You can check out the timi & leslie Sohpia Bag on their website as well as the rest of their spring line that they just released… That Abby Bag is looking pretty appealing too!

You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you look for in a diaper bag?

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