Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Breakfast

Saint Patrick's Day Under the rainbow pot of gold breakfast

I keep looking at my calendar amazed that time seems to be flying right out the window! The next big holiday on the calendar is St. Patrick’s Day and I promised myself that I would do something special for the kids. We kind of just let Valentine’s Day slip on by unnoticed this year {don’t judge - we have a lot on our plate}. So I am taking on St. Patrick’s Day and I am starting at the breakfast table. 

My children love fruit and they love cheesy scrambled eggs. So what better way to create a festive breakfast than with the food they already like? I thought about going with the whole green eggs and ham bit, but I know my children and I know that they would not touch it. I don’t like to be wasteful – so we will go with what they will enjoy.

It may seem simple, but in the mornings simple is what gets me out the door. Simple is under rated and it is a close personal friend of mine. Here goes…My under the rainbow pot of gold breakfast:

What you need:
Cuties {you know those adorable little mini oranges}
2 eggs
1 slice of American cheese
1 slice of whole wheat bread

How to Make it:
Clean the fruit {peal the cuties}.
Cut up the strawberries, pear, and kiwi and arrange on a plate in the form of a rainbow.
Toast the slice of bread so that it is golden brown
In a bowl crack open the eggs and discard the shell. Stir the eggs so that the yolk and egg whites are mixed.
Place the eggs in a pan over medium heat cook the eggs, stirring them the entire time.
Once the eggs are pretty much cooked add the slice of American cheese and mix into the eggs until melted.
Place ½ slice of toast on a plate under the fruit rainbow and then add some of the cheesy eggs on top of the toast.

St. Patrick's Day BreakfastSt. Patrick's Day Breakfast

Tada! You have a pot of gold under a rainbow that you can eat! This is my little Saint Patrick’s Day inspired breakfast treat that my children WILL eat. It is simple, quick, and super easy. I remember getting green eggs and ham when I was a kid once or twice, but I don’t really remember loving it.

I am not reinventing the wheel here, but I thought my little holiday inspired meal brainstorming session was worth a mention and might help out other not-so-morning- people parents out there too.

Do you have a special Saint Patrick’s Day meal?

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