Wednesday, February 6, 2013

#WW: Learning to drive at 22 months.

No my son is not really operating the minivan. The vehicle is not turned on. The keys are not in the ignition. We are not moving. Okay… now that THAT has been clarified let’s take a minute to just smile and be entertained by the fact that my 22 month old little boy climbed into the driver’s seat, got up to the wheel, and pretended to drive the swagger wagon.

My toddler pretending to drive the family minivan.

I don’t remember doing this as a child, although I am sure that I did. I think most children climb all over their parent’s car and at some point in time make their way to the front seat. Children mimic what they see and as soon as my children enter the car they make a break for the driver’s seat and pretend to be mommy. I am just glad that my little guy didn’t climb behind the wheel and start telling imaginary people that the long skinny pedal on the right was the gas pedal!

Do your kids do this?

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