Thursday, June 16, 2011

It always seems to happen this way…

Let me start this post off by saying that when something goes wrong or appears to be broken I first ask my partner in crime, my husband, if he knows how to resolve the issue. If my husband is as clueless about a situation as I am, I look in a book or online to find answers.

Earlier this week my Honda Odyssey, otherwise referred to as the swagger wagon, decided it did not like me. This is not something entirely out of the realm of possibilities in my world, electronics frequently die on me. The GPS system and back up camera refused to work, instead demanding that I enter a four digit code.  WHAT? This had never happened before and I had no clue as to what the four digit code could possibly be.

Away I typed. I entered every four digit combination I could think of. I entered random digits hoping that I might stumble upon the right combination. Nothing.

I asked my husband if he knew the magic number to unlocking the GPS system and backup camera. Nope.

I looked for answers online. I searched for other people who have had similar problems. There were quite a few. I felt better about myself and my lack of love with technologically temperamental equipment after reading about others who had experienced this same problem. I found several solutions.

1)      Check the glove compartment for a sticker with the four digit code.
2)      Check the user manual (there are like 5 manuals that came with our vehicle)
3)      Call the dealership.

I checked the glove compartment. No sticker. I looked through all five user manuals. No code. I located a business card in my glove compartment for the dealership where we purchased our vehicle. I called the number.

I spoke to a very nice individual who could not help me, but could transfer me to someone who could. As I sat on the phone, waiting patiently while listening to elevator music on hold, I flipped over the business card and noticed four digits. I turned on the car and entered the numbers and voila! Yup, you guessed it. It was the code. I thanked the person who finally took me off hold and hung up.

It seems to me that only after I have exhausted all of my options do I finally figure something out, and it usually tends to be the simplest solution to begin with. I must have flipped through all of the paperwork in the car, including the business card, several times. Not once did I notice the big bold writing on the back of the card.

Needless to say, I wrote the code in several of the manuals just in case this happens again.

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