Friday, June 24, 2011

Who needs Pilates when there is an Odyssey Fun World?

I just spent Thursday afternoon at Odyssey Fun World. In case you have not had the pleasure of visiting this fine establishment picture Chucky Cheese on steroids minus the plastic singing rat. There is food, arcade games, tokens, rides, paintball, and a gigantic play area for kids under 10 years old. Guess where we were?

We spent the afternoon in the “Exploration Adventure” section. This play area is huge! It is essentially a two story high obstacle course.  There are tubes, tunnels, slides, stairs, a bridge, rope holes, ball pits, and a bounce house. There is a smaller section off to the side for smaller children with Little Tikes animals and playhouses. All for the low, low price of $7.00 (no time limit).

kids in a ball pit

I brought my niece Isabella, my son William, and my baby Steven. I had the full intention of sitting on a bench and watching the kids run around like crazy. This is not what happened. After we gave the cashier our ticket, received our wristband, and removed our shoes we were buzzed in. The kids took off like the structure was made of chocolate and it was Easter morning.

They raced from one end to the next with me trailing behind pushing Steven in the stroller.

William was terrified of certain parts of the structure. If it moved underneath him and he couldn’t find his footing, he turned around and went back the way he came. If he could see through it he was not going to try to climb it. He needed to warm up to the idea of trying out new sections of the structure.  He needed to see someone else successfully navigating the sections he feared before he was willing to risk it. 

Isabella was fearless! She went everywhere and tried everything. She wasn’t scared of moving tunnels or rope bridges. She made her way to the very top of the structure so she could slide down the longest slide. She, of course, made friends with a group of girls who were there playing.

kids playing at Odyssey Fun World

The ladies took William under their wings and helped him to traverse his way through the structure. He would hold their hands when he was scared and they would cheer him on through the hard parts. It was adorable. 

It was fun for me to watch the kids having such a great time.

After my husband got off work he came to Odyssey Fun World to meet us for dinner. As soon as he walked through the gate I gave him the stroller with baby Steven and I went to go play with the kids.

I was crawling through tunnels, climbing stairs, crossing bridges, and balancing William on my chest and pulling us across scary sections of moving tubes. It was a blast! By the end my arms, legs, and my neck were sore and I was covered in sweat. Talk about a fun workout. I had more fun chasing the kids for the afternoon than I have had in quite a while. I am looking forward to a return trip very soon.


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  4. We have that in UK. It is great as adults get to rest whilst children run wild! Following you now.

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! We have a Playtime Pizza in our area. It's a huge arcade (2 level) with tons of old school and new games. Then of course, there is Chuck E Cheese...ugh..the rat freaks me out too!


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  8. I beg to differ. I think this place it a torture chamber for grandparents....just sayin'. Glad YOU had fun.

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