Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pregnancy should come with an option to buy stock in Energizer.

As I sit and make out my grocery list for the following week I notice that under the “Other” section of my list there is once again a need for batteries.

Surprise, surprise! We are in need of replacement batteries for the swing and the bouncer seat and the talking trains and the soother… and the list goes on.  Although I know this is not the case, I feel that all of the toys in my home run on batteries. I am spending a small fortune on batteries!

Remember when toys did not require batteries? Remember when action figures didn’t talk and the telephone made a noise only when it fell off the table. Now everything has lights and plays music and has some type of mechanism that requires AAA batteries by the busload.

In all fairness, I am the idiot that buys the toys that light up and make noise and require batteries. I even enjoy playing with these toys with my children. Heck, I think some of them are downright cool and I wish they were around when I was growing up. But man oh man I wish I didn’t have to spend a ton of money on replacement batteries every time I turn around.

I even tried to be a little green and purchase the rechargeable batteries. Those batteries do not seem to hold their charge for very long and constantly need to be plugged into an outlet to be recharged. At least this has been my experience.

I wish someone would have told me when I got pregnant that I should invest my money in the Energizer battery company. That way each time I had to replace my batteries I wouldn’t feel like I was throwing money out the window.

Maybe I should just boycott toys that require batteries.

The toy companies could make my life easier and just stop making all these new fangled cool battery operated toys. I somehow doubt that they would go for this idea. And for some reason, I cannot resist buying awesome gizmos and gadgets for my kids.

I guess I will hold out hope for a super battery that lasts keeps a charge for a couple of years instead of a couple of weeks.

Hey battery manufacturers, when can I expect to see a new battery like this in stores?


  1. Gee I thought by now it would be something that was in your "hospital package" like the third arm that you need to help you keep all the "balls in the air".

    I know when my kids were little (my baby is a sophomore in college" I wished I had a third arm and eyes in the back of my head!

  2. Omg, I feel the same way. I keep so many different size batteries. I feel like I need a different kind everyday!

  3. I've done rechargeable...I've done cheap brands...I've used them's part of being a parent!
    I have one friend who spends $100 every Christmas on Batteries alone. Just to get them through March or April! Ugh! I can't imagine!

  4. Amen, Amen and Amen! I'm just about to the point that when one of our toys lose its "juice", it's done for good!


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