Monday, June 27, 2011

My toddler, Mr. Clean.

In my home we like to recycle. We are not everything must be green type of people, but we try not like to be wasteful. So if something can be recycled it does get recycled.

Not surprisingly, there is a place in my home where we put the recycling. Items that need to be recycled spend their “in transit” time out of the way and to the right of my stove. There they wait. When I am not longer preparing a meal I take all of the recycling that has accumulated to the garage to be put in the recycling bin.

This morning I placed an empty orange juice container in the “in transit” location and continued to prepare breakfast for my husband, my son, and myself.

My son William noticed that the orange juice container was out of the fridge. He promptly tells me “No Mommy. Messy! Messy!” He then goes to the counter and grabs the empty orange juice container. He opens the refrigerator door and puts the empty orange juice container on the shelf. He closes the refrigerator door, turns to me, and says “All clean.”

He is very much my child! I thought that this would be fitting to share after my post yesterday about cleanliness and organization.

I just hope he can refrain from doing this when we visit friends and family in their homes. How embarrassing would that be? I might have to write a disclaimer on a post it and stick it on my child like a name badge. “Warning: This child comes from the home of an organizational neat freak. He does not have a filter and will point out messiness. If he starts to clean your home make no sudden movements and back away slowly.”


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