Monday, June 6, 2011

Product Review: Graco Lovin’ Hug Swing in Safari Sun

The Graco Lovin’ Hug Swing in Safari Sun we received as a baby shower gift in 2008 for the birth of our first born son William. My son’s nursery was jungle themed and I picked out the activity swing pretty much based on looks alone. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well this swing has held up.

The Graco Lovin’ Swing does not come fully assembled. It comes in a box with directions on how to correctly assemble and use this product. The directions for assembly were easy to understand and the swing was incredibly easy to put together.


  • The Graco swing can swing in one direction and has six speed options for swinging ranging from a slow and steady rocking to fast paced swing.
  • There is an adjustable five point safety harness that can move as your child grows.
  • The seat itself can be placed in an upright position or a reclined position with the click of a handle located in the rear.
  • There is an animal mobile that can twist around, although it must be done manually.
  • There is also a toy tray that can be opened with one hand (think stroller toy tray that lifts on one side) with removable toys.  
  • It can play music or nature sounds and allows the user to adjust the volume or mute the sound all together.
  • The fabric seat can be taken off and washed easily, which I have done several times.

My two year old son still likes to crawl into the swing when his little brother is not using it. Below is a picture of William in the swing. This swing was purchased in 2008 and has survived one rough and tough little boy and is still going strong for baby number two.

toddler in a graco baby swing

In this next picture I have replaced the mobile animals with my Target brand Tiddliwinks Safari Mobile animals. Here is a picture of my son William as a baby playing in this same swing two years earlier.

graco baby swing

The Graco Lovin Hug swing retails anywhere from $80-$130 new. The newer models also boasts four different reclining positions. You can check them out here: Graco

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