Monday, June 4, 2012

Attention All Bloggers! Free Blogger Event for a Bunk Bed Giveaway!

When I was little I had bunk beds and shared a room with my little sister and I have some hilarious memories of that time in my life. Now I am the mother of two little boys and have been toying around with the idea of putting my boys in bunk beds once they are both big enough. So when I saw this giveaway opportunity I jumped at the chance to participate!


I am incredibly excited to announce that I will be participating with Children Teaching Mama to give one lucky reader a Walker Edison Bunk Bed sponsored by BunkBedsAtoZ!
This is a FREE blogger event, open to US and Canadian Residents and is accepting sign-ups right now! Click Here to Sign-Up! The event will run June 20th to July 10th!

  • Each blogger signed up will receive 1 FREE Link to either Facebook or Twitter (blogger's choice). You have the option of purchasing an additional link for $3 via Paypal to 
  • To sign-up, you have the choice of posting an announcement on your blog about the event with links to both the sponsor (http://www.bunkbedsatoz) and Children Teaching Mama ( OR Send $5 via PayPal to with your email address and "Bunk Bed Event" in the message. The money collected will go towards event fees and referral prizes.
  • You have the option to put an event button on your sidebar. The html is provided above, so just cut and paste. The more advertisement, the bigger the event!
  • Once you have posted the announcement OR sent the PayPal payment, Fill Out This Form to reserve your spot!
  • You will receive the HTML code for publishing the giveaway at least 3 days before the event, so expect an email around June 16th-17th. The HTML sent should be a template used for the event, though you can change the words around to make it your own. There will be link(s) to the sponsor that must be kept within the post.
  • I will verify that the posts are live on June 21st at noon. If you have not posted the giveaway, you will be contacted and your link(s) will be deleted from Rafflecopter.

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