Friday, June 8, 2012

Some of the three most cherished words… You’re right mom!

Usually when I ask my children to do something I am met with “Why”, or “I don’t want to”, or simply “No”. I get head shakes and dirty looks if what I am asking goes against what they want. The terrible twos weren’t too terrible. The theatrical threes on the other hand is one hot mess.

There is an attitude and temper tantrum every time I turn around. Naptime and bedtime are met with complete meltdowns. I am completely and totally over this phase. I partially attribute this to my son being exposed to more children through pre-school and park play; in reality it is the age. This is typical three year old behavior and is something that we are going to have to work on {mentally banging my head on the wall}.

Needless to say I was more than a little surprised by my son’s reaction to me telling him that he needed to get down from the roof of his Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Police Car.

Mom: William you need to get down off of the roof of that car. That is not safe. You can hurt yourself and I don’t want Steven to start trying to do that, you need to be a good example for your baby brother.

William: You’re right mom.

Instead of a temper tantrum and a screaming match, my son looked me in the eye and said in a calm voice “You’re right mom.” I did not have to argue, bribe, or threaten to take anything away. He simply hopped of the car and moved on to another toy.

I did a double take. It was a tiny miraculous event that I doubt will happen very often and it is totally blog worthy. I know that I love hearing that I am right, who doesn’t? But to hear it from my three year-old who usually agues over the fact that the sky is blue is impressive. I feel loved and appreciated {even if no one else heard it or saw it I know it happened!}

“YOU’RE RIGHT MOM” may be some of the three most cherished words a mom can hear… right after “I LOVE YOU” of course. I think that as my children get older and grow into pre-teens and teenagers these three words will become even more precious. Right now I will just bask in this little victory and take the little victories in life as they come.

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