Thursday, June 14, 2012

Batter Up!

Batter Up!
My family is a very energetic family… and that is probably putting it nicely. Although most of the time we are not bouncing off the walls, there are certainly days when it feels that way. We are active and love to be engaged in one activity or another.

My husband especially loves his sports. He attends Chicago Bears home games with his father who has been a season ticket holder for as long as I have known him. He goes to Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox games when given the opportunity. We all love to watch the Chicago Blackhawks on the ice and my son is a huge fan of the music that plays when Chicago scores!

To say that my family likes to watch sports is an understatement, the boys simply LOVE it! They also enjoy playing sports too. I am slowly starting to acquire sports paraphernalia in my garage for the boys. We have a little t-ball stand, soft baseball bat, and even a little tikes basketball hoop. Now I just need to start collecting balls! Eventually I am sure I will be overrun with sport stuff. After all the kids aren’t the only ones partaking in organized sports in our home.

My husband is in charge of the church fast pitch softball team and we love to go to the games to cheer him on when they are not past bedtime. His softball stuff keeps multiplying and will soon need a special place of its own in the garage. Dealing with the organization and storage needs required of running an active family is totally worth it when I see my children attempt to mimic their dad. 

The other day my family went to Sport Zone Family Fun Center to have a little outdoor fun. We rode go karts and tried out the batting cages. My hubby discussed the rules of the batting cages and even gave the kids some pointers on how to hit the ball. After watching his older cousin hit a few balls, my 3 year-old decided that he was ready to give the batting cages a try too. With a helmet on and a bat in hand my son was ready to conquer the cages!

3 year old ready to play baseball!Batting Cage

I think that this is the most adorable thing ever… I may be a little biased. A little boy trying to be just like his daddy I find simply adorable. He swung his little heart out trying to hit each and every ball. He made contact once or twice too. It was a fun way to spend an evening and we will defiantly be heading back for some more batting cage practice.

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