Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Let it snow… already?

Let it snow… even though there are still leaves on the trees! Let it snow… even though the day before I was mowing my lawn {okay – truth be told, my husband mowed the lawn, not me}. Let it snow… even though I just blogged last week about the beautiful fall weather I was enjoying. I guess I jinxed it because this week we have enjoyed our first snowfall. Illinois weather is so fickle.
Snow is falling in Illinois

You would think that my children have never experienced snow before; they were so excited by it. We made hot cocoa of course, because what is snow without some hot cocoa to go along with it. My boys just love my Audrey Hepburn mug {We call her princess Audrey in our home}. We watched the Polar Express and the boys even got bundled up to play outside for a bit.
Snow means its time for hot cocoa

Hot cocoa means Audrey Hepburn MUG

Snow means its time for hot cocoa with marshmellows!

I cannot believe that it has already snowed here. I love the snow, or at least I used to before having children made me realize the importance of being able to run around outdoors to burn off energy. I guess I will have to take out my board jar and start coming up with some new crafts and activities to entertain and occupy my family.

Have you had snow yet?

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