Thursday, August 9, 2012

A child and his LOVEY

My first born son never had a lovey. He never had a blanket or a stuffed animal that went places with him. I have no idea why, he just never latched onto anything. My baby boy {who is now almost 16 months old!} on the other hand has a little stuffed cow that goes anywhere and everywhere.
Stuffed Cow Lovey
Meet Moo Cow.

Yes, the little stuffed cow is named Moo Cow. I know that the name is not very original, but it is very accurate. My older son started calling it Moo Cow and the name has simply stuck.  This little stuffed animal came to our family by way of the neighborhood Easter egg hunt and quickly became a big hit with my youngest. They are now inseparable.

Moo Cow is a little plush cow that has the pleasure of being dragged from room to room, from house to house, and everywhere in between. He has been washed in the washing machine a handful of times and still he comes back for more. He gets constant snuggles and hugs from my son as well as anyone my son decides to share him with.

Moo Cow Lovey

My little guy likes to share and he likes to show off his Moo Cow. He frequently hands family members his Moo Cow for snuggles, but then almost instantly wants him back. Sharing is fine and dandy – but only in small little bursts and only for a teeny tiny amount of time.

My little guy sleeps with his lovey every night and during nap times as well. I am unsure of his ability to sleep without his lovey and fear the day that we are faced with this predicament. I do not have a back up lovey. In fact I have no idea where I would go to get a Moo Cow replacement. I hope I will never have to find out.

hanging out with the lovey

Did/Does your child have a lovey? If so I would love to hear all about it. What is the lovey and does it have a name?

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