Sunday, August 26, 2012

Updating an old Light fixture…

Our family room is almost perfect… Almost.

I shared with you earlier our little painting project with the big bold RED walls. Simply painting those two small walls really made a difference in the entire feel of the family room. By painting those two simple walls the perception of how large the family room is in size dramatically changed. It now feels larger and open… I could be crazy, but I am loving the red.

So what is wrong with my family room?

Well, to be perfectly honest there are two things that need attention. Number one on this list is the ceiling fan/light fixture that came with the house. The light fixture itself does not fit my personal style at. While I am a fan of traditional, I lean a little more modern when it comes to fixtures and appliances. I like to capture traditional with my furniture choices of rolled arms and wood accents.

This ceiling fan also makes a noise whenever it is turned on. Making the possibility of relaxing in the family room with the fan on an exercise in tolerance. I cannot tolerate a noisy fan. End of exercise.

The other item on my checklist that needs to be “fixed” in the family room is a simple matter of organizing. I would like to mount the television inside the built in cabinets and hide all those pesky wires. This little project will have to wait a bit longer as I have larger more important projects that need attention immediately.

So… I went out shopping. I hit up Menards, Lowes, and Home Depot in search of the perfect fan for our family room. We decided that we did not need a light fixture because the room gets quite a bit of light during the day and we use lamps in the room in the evenings. We wanted a large fan that would really push the air and make a statement.  I am a fan of oil rubbed bronze and wood, so once I saw this fan I was sold.
We lovingly call this fan our OAR fan. I think that the fan blades look like oar paddles. The blades are actually wood and have the chance/possibility of warping, so a testing kit was included in the packaging.

The fan is 68 inches it pushes the air tremendously well. It is silent too! The original packaging came with a longer drop pole which was just too low for us, so we went and got a shorter pole to use with the fan. I personally would like it a little closer to the ceiling, but this is obviously not a deal breaker for me.

Do you like the new fan?


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