Thursday, August 2, 2012

A simple fix for an old piece of furniture!

I simply adore community sites that allow people to sell or trade their old stuff. Sites like Craigslist and Bookoo and FreeCycle are all sites that allow people to guy/sell/trade/donate their used and unwanted items. No sales tax and no shipping. It is all local.

I have been known to peruse these sights looking for great deals. I have found some seriously amazing deals too! For example, I just bought a small white Stanley Furniture dresser off of Craigslist for $10. The same dresser would have cost me over $600 {crazy, right?} brand new in the store!

Stanley Furniture Three Drawer Dresser

The dresser needed a little updating {because I am not a 6 year old little girl and I do not decorate my room in ladybugs and butterflies}. The structure of the dresser was just fine. All drawers pulled out and there were no major scratched or chips. It was a great find with only the accessories needing to be replaced.

The accessories {hardware knobs} can be costly if you are not careful. I like to head to my local hardware store and check out their selections. Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards are usually the three places I check out first. I lucked out on the first try and found these knobs on clearance for $1.49 a knob at Menards. I could not have been more excited!

Before and After Dresser

Dresser: $10.00

Knobs: $1.49 x 8

Total: $21.92

I love getting super inexpensive pieces of furniture and updating them. Sometimes the furniture needs to be painted, sometimes the furniture needs to be gutted and re-purposed, and sometimes all that is needed is a change of accessories. Isn’t it crazy the difference simply changing an accessory can make?

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