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theBabaSling Review: A Baby Carrier by Joovy!

 theBabaSling by Joovy 

While neither of my children are infants anymore, I still enjoy baby wearing with my youngest son whenever I can. My oldest is three years-old and is too large for baby wearing, but my youngest son is sixteen months-old and weighs around 20lbs. He happens to be all about the snuggles so I try and baby wear with him whenever possible.

I love baby wearing and have been doing it since I gave birth to my first born son three years ago. I have tried several different types of baby carriers over the years. Have a tendency of leaning more towards the soft structured carriers because they make me feel safe and secure in my baby wearing. I was never a big fan of the sling until trying theBabaSling by Joovy.

Slings usually leave me feeling restrictive and uncomfortable. This may be due to the fact that the baby slings that I have tried in the past are a one size fits all type of carrier with no flexibility for the wearer. I do not feel uncomfortable or restricted when I use theBabaSling by Joovy. This soft baby carrier sling is adjustable and comfortable and my little guy simply loves it. It is a great solution for busy moms who want to baby wear and/or breastfeed on the go. 

theBabaSling fronttheBabaSling rear
is Mom Mart Approved!

  What we love about theBabaSling by Joovy:
  • Adjustable. I adore that this sling has an adjustable buckle in the back. This feature alone is what sold me on this baby carrier. One size fits all has never worked for me before. The fact that I can adjust the straps on this carrier to adhere to my comfort makes this one of my go to carriers.  
  • The buckle. I really like the fact that theBabaSling can be unbuckled so as not to wake a sleeping baby. Making the transition from baby wearing to peaceful sleeping as easy as possible for everyone.
  • Options. This carrier has a wide variety of carrying options and they are all super easy to do; theBabaSling even comes with a manual with photos demonstrating these positions and how to achieve them. I really like to wear my son on my hip and theBabaSling makes this position easy for me to do.
  • 100% cotton. It is breathable (thank goodness because my children run hot and can overheat easily) and soft. There is a surprising amount of material at play in this carrier, allowing more or less coverage/freedom when babywearing. This baby carrier is comfy for baby and mommy.
  • Machine washable (at 40 degrees)! HUGE! My children are typical boys and they get dirty and have a tendency of constantly getting their sticky hands all over everything. If it is not machine washable, it does not last long in my house.
  • I discovered recently that theBabaSling has a nice little pocket built in. We use it to store extra pacifiers and Woody action figures.

For those of you specifically interested in the specs of this product:
  • Min Age: 0 months+ 
  • Max Age: 2 years 
  • Min Weight: 7.7 lbs+ 
  • Max Weight: 33 lbs 
  • Classic/Print/Organic Sling Weight: 1.04 lbs 
  • Lite Sling Weight: 0.79 lbs

There are some things that I was unable to try out with this carrier due to the fact that I am no longer breastfeeding and my child is not an infant. I spent some time reading through the different position options for theBabaSling and was pleased to discover a breastfeeding position. Hopefully I will be able to check out this feature the next time I have a baby. 

My son loves this carrier. He likes to be the one being carried inside and he also likes to let his friend Woody go for a ride in it as well. I like the ease of use of this baby carrier; theBabaSling truly makes baby wearing a breeze. 

theBabaSling by Joovy giving Woody a lift

Buy It:
theBabaSling by Joovy can be purchased online HERE.

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