Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bronchitis… you are not my friend.

I am so sorry that I have been MIA for the most of last week. I picked up bronchitis somewhere along the way and have been too stubborn and too busy to do anything about it. I know, I know… I am bad.

Early last week I started to feel terrible. I developed a tickle in my throat that left me irritated, but not too worried. Then that tickle developed into a full blown cough that left me feeling exhausted, achy, and annoyed. I was annoyed because I had a houseguest and big plans and no time to be sick. So I ignored it.

I ignored it on Monday when I had my sister come visit and drop off her daughter for the week. I ignored it on Tuesday when I had a play-date on the books. I ignored it on Wednesday when I spent the day at Six Flags with my husband, niece, and son (this is when the tickle started to turn into a cough). I ignored it on Thursday when I spent the day getting the house ready for more houseguests. I ignored it on Friday when my sister, nephew, and mother came for the weekend… and we went to Odyssey Fun World. I ignored it on Saturday while out shopping with my sister and mother. I tried to ignore it on Sunday morning while I went with my family to A Day Out with Thomas… My husband had enough.

On Sunday afternoon I went to the doctor and was told I had bronchitis. I was given medicine that would make me all better and I was sent on my way.


Why did I wait so long to go to the doctor? Oh yeah, I am stubborn and refuse to admit when I am sick. Now I am kicking myself for being so stubborn and wasting so much time feeling awful and exhausted when I could have knocked this nasty thing out of my system and moved on ages ago! Luckily no one else has come down with bronchitis, just me. And pretty soon it will be out of my system too!

Today is the first day I have felt semi-normal in about a week and to celebrate I am cleaning my house from top to bottom and disinfecting like crazy. I am back and ready to rock and roll!

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