Thursday, August 30, 2012

The day of the dog in Chicago… Hot dog!

This past weekend my brother and sister-in-law came for a visit. They came up on Friday late-afternoon and left on Sunday mid morning. They stayed with us in our new home and spent some time with their nephews. Little Steven definitely has a new bff in his uncle Devin.

On Saturday we dropped the kids off with my mother-in-law for the day so that we could spend the day in Chicago eating hot dogs and enjoying the Cubs game. The hot dogs were fun and unique and the Cubs game was hot!

So why was it the day of the dog? Well… we decided that we wanted to eat hot dogs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday. Think this sounds kind of gross? Surprisingly having various hot dogs throughout the day was delicious and fun.
Chicago Style Hot Dog

We started out with breakfast hot dogs at home. My hubby made breakfast sausage and placed it in a bun only to cover it in cheesy scrambled eggs. If you wanted to you could cover it in ketchup, salsa, or hot sauce. This was a big hit with everyone!
For lunch we headed over to Hot Doug’s - The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium of Chicago Illinois. The line to get food wrapped around the building and we spend the better part of an hour waiting in line for some dogs that did not disappoint. Doug himself took our order and was extremly nice.
Hot Doug's
Hot Doug's Hot Dogs

I had the Beef and Lamb Gyros Sausage with Artichoke Tzatziki, Kalamata Olives and Feta Cheese which melted in my mouth. It was simply delicious. They did not skimp on the toppings, so each and every bite was a treat to the senses. My hubby had the Portabella Mushroom and Swiss Cheese Pork Sausage with Anchovy Mayonnaise, Shiitake Mushrooms sautéed in Duck Fat and Crispy Fried Onions and he loved it. I had a bite of this dog and thought that the mushroom and cheese combo was outstanding but the anchovy mayonnaise was a little too overpowering. We also split a good old fashioned Chicago style hot dog and ate every last bite. Yum!

Wrigley Field

We then spent the afternoon at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs play baseball. It was hot, the sun was scalding, and we were sweaty… By the end of the game we were ready to try Franks ‘n Dawgs – five star dining on a bun.
Franks ‘n Dawgs
Frank 'n' Dawgs  Haute Dogs
There was no line at Franks ‘n Dawgs and their menu was a foodies dream come true. As a huge salmon fan I was excited to sink my teeth into the Slammin’ Salmon {Citrus cured salmon, herb cream cheese, bagel crisps, fried capers, salmon roe & dill}. While I was not a fan of this particular Haute Dawg, I did get to sample the Tur-Doggin {Turkey & date sausage, crispy duck confit, herb garlic aioli, pickled onion relish & pickled carrots} and the Pork of July {Pork loin & caramelized onions sausage, house smoked pulled pork, cherry bourbon BBQ sauce & our house slaw} both of which I was extremely pleased with. I even got to munch on some of the scrumptious truffle mac ‘n’ cheese, a smooth and rich take on a comfort food staple. The bread they use for their dawgs is ridiculously yummy… I would go for the bread alone.

The day of the dog was a success. We all tried some new hot dogs and had a blast critiquing each place we went. All of the food was interesting, if not delicious. I was surprised by flavor combinations and I was inspired to get a little craftier in my own kitchen.  


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