Thursday, August 23, 2012

Home Makeover: Guest Bathroom Update

We are trucking right along with our home makeover. We have been collecting paint swatches and priming walls like crazy. Our latest project has been getting the downstairs guest bathroom looking good.

The downstairs guest bathroom is a half bath. It is a surprisingly roomy half bath, especially when comparing it to our old half bath in our townhome where you felt like you were in a closet every time you went to the restroom. Our new half bath is small, but there is wiggle room and with the high ceilings there is plenty of opportunity for wall storage.

So here is the game plan for the guest bathroom…
ü    Paint the bathroom a pretty soft blue {the color is Harbor Haze by Benjamin Moore}.
ü    Replace toilet seat {the original toilet seats that came with the house are plastic ones that wiggle. They are not secured onto the toilet and no matter how much I tighten the bolts they continue to move… In all honesty I am a little frightened at the idea of wiggling right off the toilet.}… We replaced it with a Kohler Transitions Child/Adult Slow Close Toilet Seat-White, review to follow!
Purchase a new mirror for the bathroom. The original mirror did not have a frame and I am a big fan of framed mirrors. I feel like the frame adds some richness and character –depending on the frame.
Replace light fixture, bathroom sink faucet, towel ring, and outlet plates. I would really like to get matching accessories for the bathroom. Something in a brushed nickel would look great with the white and blue.
Find floating shelves for behind the toilet for extra toiletry supplies and décor.
This is my personal checklist for the downstairs guest bathroom. While this project will not be completed overnight, all of it will eventually happen. These are not super expensive bathroom upgrades. I am not adding tile work, I am not replacing sinks and toilets, and I am not putting in new flooring. All of these home upgrades are cosmetic and should NOT break the bank. These are quick and easy fixes for an outdated bathroom.
While the downstairs guest bathroom was not really dated {there was no pink or green tile covering every square inch of bathroom space}, the bathroom did not truly fit my family or our style. It wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t great. And I WANT great!

So what do you think so far?

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