Monday, August 6, 2012

Post Pregnancy Feet: Changing shoe sizes as an adult.

Bottom of Feet
I had heard other moms complain about their feet changing throughout their pregnancy. I considered myself lucky that I never had swelling feet and my shoe size never really changed. I thought I was very blessed to have had both of my pregnancies in the winter where soft snuggly boots and comfy socks were a must. And then I put on my go-to pair of heels and wanted to cry.
I do not often wear heels. In fact I almost never wear anything but flip flops and sneakers. I was caught completely off guard when I went to put on my heels and they no longer fit me. My stinking feet grew!

I am not a dainty woman. I am solid. I wear wore a size 10 shoe in women. Now I am more of a size 10 ½ or 11, depending on the shoe. I already have a difficult enough time finding cute shoes in my size. Bigger feet usually mean less of a selection in stores and the pickings are pretty slim up in the size 10 shoes to begin with. Now I have to go up a size…? NOT COOL!

To make matters worse, I am an in between size. I am not a size 10, but I am not always a size 11 either. I have not happened across a lot of size 10 ½ shoes lately. I think my feet hate me... I know my shoes do.


I refuse to have a complex about this. I refuse to let this put me in a funky mood. Instead I will go shoe shopping and laugh at the really tacky shoes that make me look and feel like a clown. I will avoid the dainty shoe section at all cost {because that is where they keep all the cute shoes}. I may even spend a little time online shoe shopping to avoid shoe stores all together.

I would ask “Why Me?” but it would be pointless. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda. Nothing I can do about it now. My guess is that they are not done changing. With any luck my feet will go up a size again, just out of spite. Until then I guess I will make do and spend some more money on shoes.

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