Saturday, July 28, 2012

Painting the town RED... or at least the room.

When you find a color you love, you go with it! Yes, even when that color is red. 

Red Wall

When we moved into our new house the family room was already painted a rich red color. I was not sold on the color red for a room at first. In fact I originally thought about painting the family room a beige color. Then the red started to grow on me the more time I spent in the room. 

Red is a very bold color, but it is MY color and I completely embrace it. The red color looked great with the brick fireplace and made the built in bookshelves look great too. Heck, it even looked great with my area rug that I brought with me from my old home.
Not all of the walls to the family room were painted this gorgeous shade of red. Nope, the two transition walls {I call them the transition walls because they are the walls that change over the family room into the eat-in kitchen area} were painted a cream color. They neither matched the family room, nor did they match the kitchen.
So… Do we paint the transition walls red to make them a part of the family room or do we paint them the color we want to paint the kitchen or do we paint them an accent color? We decided to go with red. By painting these walls red we expanded the length of the family room and defined the space with color.
Since we were not the original homeowners, we did not have a paint swatch to bring in with us for a color match. Fortunately for us, the original homeowners painted all of the grates on the walls the same color as the walls. So I popped off the grate, brought it into the store and asked them to color match it. A couple minutes later I was back at home with paint in hand and ready to go. 
My 3 year old decided that he too could be a little Michelangelo. He too could wield a paint brush with a smile. All joking aside, he had a lot of fun helping mommy and daddy paint and he was a great listener throughout the process {well…. except when he stood up and put his hand on the freshly painted wall for balance}.

Two walls down. Too many to count left to paint. We will get there… eventually. Until then I will sit back, relax, and enjoy the process.


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