Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coping with a curve ball…

Lois Gertsch with grandkids

Life has a tendency of throwing curve balls. What you do with those curve balls is what makes you… you. The months of June and July have been insanely busy for my family and we have had a couple curve balls thrown our way.

The month of June was here and gone in the blink of an eye. I taught Vacation Bible School, took my nephew for a week of vacation, threw my little sister a destination bachelorette party, watched my little sister get married, packed up my entire home in a matter of days, sold my house, bought a new house, and moved! There were a few hiccups here and there, but everything eventually sorted itself out. To say that June was a busy month is an understatement.

Once in the new house we unpacked some boxes and set up some furniture; only enough to get the house somewhat livable. Then we hit the road for our annual family July 4th vacation in Wisconsin. The kids had a great time at the beach and loved the water park area even more. This vacation is always fun for everyone. And then life threw us a curve ball.

We got a phone call on Thursday morning letting us know that my grandma was not doing well. This woman is a breast cancer survivor who has always overcome everything life has dealt her. Although she has been known to take a tumble or two, she has always recovered… ALWAYS. She was the woman who stayed up late at night giggling with me and telling me stories about her childhood. She always said you are only as young as you feel and she was 16. So the idea of this woman not making a full recovery was unimaginable for me.

We took my mother to the airport on Saturday to fly out to L.A. to be with grandma. On Sunday evening my grandmother passed away.

Lois Gertsch was one amazing woman. She had a huge heart and loved freely. She was also incredibly ornery and stubborn, a perfect fit for our family of misfits. She had a great sense of humor and loved to laugh. She was always smiling… when she wasn’t scowling. But those scowls were all pretend. She loved her family and was devoted to her kids, and grandkids, and great grandkids. She was not just my grandma, she was a great friend and I will miss her terribly.

Lois Gertsch with great-grandchild

Lois Gertsch with great-grandchild

Lois Gertsch with great-grandchild

So what do I do with this curve ball? I will be heading out to California for the funeral later this week and will be there to say goodbye to my grandma and to get and give support to my family. I will rely on my faith in God to know that grandma is in heaven with her family that had already passed on. I will believe that my grandma is at peace and happy to be with her twin sister again.

I will miss her.


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