Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Train-tastic Day!

On the caboose

There is something about trains that make children stand up and take notice. I have no idea what the draw is, but it is there. My children simply love trains! They love Thomas the Train and they love all things Chuggington as well. We do not discriminate in our house, we love all Trains! 

This last weekend {before everyone started to get sick} we took the boys to Blackberry Farms in Aurora IL to check out their train show as well as some of their new upgrades. We were not disappointed.

 Ready to rollOn the move

Blackberry Farms has been under construction for a while now and it looks better than ever! They have created a new expanded restroom {which was a much needed upgrade} as well as more outdoor dining areas. They have a new adventure play structure in the works that I am really looking forward to being able to use with the kids.
Riding the train

They boys had a blast riding on the caboose of the train that circles Blackberry Farm. They loved checking out all of the model trains, although I did have to mention more than once that we look with our eyes and not our hands.

Model train

The model trains themselves were spread out throughout the park and were a lot of fun to check out. My personal favorite was the Lego train set up. The kids and I had a lot of fun picking out and finding different characters like Harry Potter and Lightning McQueen and even Mickey Mouse. It was a blast!

We always seem to have a really good time whenever we visit Blackberry Farm and will definitely head back in September/October to check out the new play structure once it is complete.

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