Friday, July 20, 2012

Making our house a HOME!

New House

If you have been keeping up with Mom Mart, then you know that we have recently sold our old townhouse and bought a new single family house. We scoured the internet and met with our real estate agent {hi Sandy!} to look at homes, and we found a house that was perfect for us.

We wanted a house that had room for our family to grow and that was located near relatives. Our new home is right around the corner from both my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law and her family – this is a good thing. The new house has more than enough space for our family and an unfinished basement to boot {hello nail gun and air compressor!}. I could not be happier.

While the house itself is perfect for our family, the style and décor of a majority of the rooms do not fit with our family’s personal style. For example, a pink ribbon stencil border in my baby boys’ room is not something that is going to be staying. I have been getting a lot of ideas on Pinterest and cannot wait to start putting them into action. It is amazing what a simple coat of paint can do to a room and I see a lot of painting in my future.

Pink Ribbon Stencil Border

Paint Swatches

My husband has become a little spoiled when it comes to technology and some of the technology in the new home will be updated. He prefers a programmable thermostat and enjoys the convenience of Wi-Fi. He is the techno savvy guru in our home and I will be putting him to work changing some light fixtures very soon.

Since we are planning on {God willing} having more children in the future, we will need to finish the basement. We will put a guest bedroom and a bathroom in the basement as well as a play area for the kids. There are a lot of home renovations in the works and I look forward to sharing the process with you as we tackle one room at a time.

I will be sharing pictures of each project from beginning to end. For those of you who love those before- and-after pictures, don’t worry – there will be plenty! I will also be sharing with you what it is like to tackle these projects with two little children under foot. It should be entertaining to say the least!

My Family

If you have a product that you think would make a great fit for my home reno and you would like Mom Mart to review it and/or host a giveaway, feel free to email Laura at

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