Monday, July 30, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Progress

I have to admit that our new kitchen does not need a lot of work. We didn’t have to get new appliances and the cabinets and granite countertops are in great shape. In fact there is a lot about my new kitchen that I love.

I love my new double oven. Holidays with a big family just got that much easier. I also love having an island with a range. Even the range is super cool with a built in air vent that whisks away those not to savory smells. But there are also some things in my new kitchen that need a little tweaking.
There is fruit everywhere! While my family enjoys eating fresh produce, we do not necessarily like to decorate our home with it. It is simply not my style. I know plenty of people who do like this look; I am just not one of them. I like a more clean chic look. I like solid colors on my walls and I prefer to embellish rooms with accents and artwork. Little pops of color that can be easily changed out and replaced as my style changes and grows.

I almost felt bad painting over the stenciled fruit because of how detailed it was. You could tell that someone put a lot of time and effort into the fruit border. There were layered details involving multiple colors.

fruit stencil
My husband and I spent almost three hours taping off the room. We had to tape all around the cabinets, the doorframes, the windows, the baseboards, and the ceiling. When then we used a tinted primer as a base coat and an eggshell paint for the second coat. Only one coat of actual paint was needed and we only used 1 gallon of paint for our whole kitchen! CRAZY!

Eventually I would like to replace the backsplash as well. The current backsplash is white tile with random fruit tiles mixed in. This upgrade is not something that has to be done right away. But it is an upgrade that needs to be done eventually.

As for the paint color in the kitchen, I am pleased with how it turned out. I wanted something neutral to balance out the bright bold red of the family room and I think that the color I chose did just that. Also, because it is a neutral color, I am able to accessorize with pops of color and not overwhelm the space. I think this home renovation is coming along rather nicely.
Before and After Kitchen

My original artwork for the walls does not work in the new kitchen. The size is disproportionate with the wall space I have available. So I have been looking into some vintage food and drink artwork that I think would work well. We will see…

I am curious, what do you have hanging on the walls in your kitchen? Do you even use artwork in the kitchen?

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