Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Voluntary recall of the Contours LT Tandem Stroller

As of today July 24, 2012 Kolcraft announced a voluntary recall of the Contours LT Tandem Stroller. Please note that not all Contours strollers are being recalled; only the Contours LT Tandem Stroller with model number ZT012 is part of this recall.

Not sure if your stroller is part of the recall? You can find your model number on a paper label found on the top, rear edge of your stroller seat pad or on a sticker on the rear leg of your stroller frame.

While there have been no reported injuries to date with this product, Kolcraft has noticed that the wheels can crack. This can be a hazard to children riding in the stroller.

 You can get more information about this on the safety notification page.

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