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Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat

Baby Trend has just launched their newest product – the Baby Trend Inertia Car Seat and they offered me a car seat to review! I could not have been more excited about this, as I am expecting baby number three this June. While I still have an infant car seat from my previous children, I also have a sister who is pregnant and without ANY baby gear. So my old infant car seat and travel system are being given to my little sister and I am having a blast playing with my new Inertia infant car seat.

Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat Review
Before I get into it let me share some quick points with you:

–Compatible with any baby trend stroller that is car seat compatible. {NOT the Passport stroller}

–Weight of the Inertia (without base) is just under 10lbs (with base) is 26.7 lbs
–Suitable from 5-32 lbs and up to 32 inches
–Available in 1 color (Horizon)
–The Inertia’s Rigid LATCH installation system allows for a proper installation in 10-20 seconds.  Seriously… {I jokingly told my husband that even HE could install the car seat this quickly!}

There is a lot to love about this car seat and so far we could not be happier with it. Since little baby Julia is not due to arrive until June, my beautiful niece Abby was more than happy to be my model/test subject. While she is more than 2 years old now – she meets the height and weight requirements for this car seat… and she loves to smile for the camera!

The Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat
is Mom Mart Approved!

What we love about the Baby Trend Inertia:
The controlled motion base allows baby to ride in a more reclined position, making baby more comfortable and breathing easier. {The adjustable base allows for 4 recline positions, and in the event of an accident the seat will move to place the baby in the most upright and safest position while decelerating and absorbing crash energy.}
The rigid LATCH connectors make installation of this car seat a breeze. It took me seconds to install and with the easy to locate LATCH release buttons it was just as simple to take out.
If you do not have the LATCH anchorages in your vehicle, you can secure the Inertia car seat using a lap/shoulder belt after making sure that you are using a SAFE seat belt system and you have chosen the best vehicle seat location. {While I prefer to use the LATCH System – I do like that there is still an option of using the car seat belt if necessary.}
Features a one hand adjustable head support means that five point safety harness never requires rethreading
The car seat easily snaps into the base and you can hear it click. It also features a quick release located on the FRONT of the car seat –making it even easier to get the car seat out of the base.
The sun shade canopy is huge. It is easy to pull into position and covers quite a large area, making it easier to keep the sun away from baby… there is even a retractable sun visor.
The removable fitted boot means I don’t have to remember to bring a blanket to protect my child from the elements when out and about and I don’t have to install any aftermarket products  in the winter to keep my baby warm this winter {there is no extra layer between seat and child}.

five point safety harness

Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat

Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat recline

Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat Rigid LATCH

Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat Rigid LATCH

Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat Canopy

Princess Abby in the Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat Canopy

Something that has taken me some time to get used to is the fact that the overlaying buckle tongues need to be joined and placed into the buckle harness together. While I had no difficulty working this with my niece who is older and listens to directions well, a little baby squirms around a bit and can make this feature a little more difficult to maneuver {I will keep you posted on this once baby Julia arrives}.

I found that this car seat works with my universal car seat adapter to create a great little travel system with my stroller {both double and single strollers}. This was a pleasant surprise as I like to change up which strollers I use – depending on where we are going and what we are doing. I found that using the Inertia infant car seat as a carrier was not a hardship – as the carrier weights under 10lbs {without base}.

Buy It:
You can find out more about the Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat by visiting the Baby Trend Website. You can purchase the Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat in store or online at Babies R Us.

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