Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sleepy Time

I love it when the boys sleep. As a stay at home mother I look forward to nap time like no other. It is when there is peace a quiet in my home and maybe even a little relaxation. I love my boys and I adore interacting with them throughout the day. The fact that I look forward to nap time does not diminish my love for them. It just means that I am not completely crazy – I need some sanity time too.

Sometimes I sneak in and check on them when they are napping and giggle at the funny positions they seem to get themselves into. They look so peaceful that you would not believe they were just running and screaming throughout the house like mad men. I find it especially humorous when they play so hard they just crash and sleep where they land. I love naptime.

Crash Nap Time

 Sleepy Time with Toys

I Love Nap Time

Asleep in the car

This week I took the boys to my parent’s house. I had to take my hubby’s car as my minivan was out of commission with a busted sliding door that would not close. As much as I am sure the boys would have loved a front row seat to the roller coaster ride that could have been our trip to visit grandma, it just was not a safe choice. Instead I took my husband’s car and prayed that the boys would nap. And nap they did. They slept the entire way to and from my parent’s house. It was awesome.

I love sleepy time.

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